Brooklyn Museum’s ”go” Open Studios

Interview by Linda C. Smith

Brooklyn Museum’s “Go” Open Studios

More than 1,700 artists across Brooklyn opened their studio doors to the public during the Brooklyn Museum GO Open Studio. The event was very exciting and Meri received 80 visitors, many newcomers, with whom she had the pleasure to meet and share her art.

From the Open Studios’ Guestbook:

“Was speechless. Thanks for opening up your home, explaining your process and for a deeper understanding of your work.”

—Justin M. Wil

“Hands down the most moving work... literally and figuratively! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck.”

—Kathlyn Wilson

“Beautiful work, definitely my favorite of the bunch. Love the gestural marks in black and white and in color. The longer you look at them, the more you see. It also helps to look away then look back and you see more and more figures in the drawings/ paintings. I also loved her explanations of the work and process. She really deserves a show in BK museum.”


SchulmanArt Blog Interview with Meri Bourgard

Getting Inspired Comes From Doing Artwork
A short and insightful interview on Miriam Schulman's blog, Schumanart.

The Artist as Collector Series

Painter and mixed media artist, Shari Epstein writes about Meri's artwork for the Artist as Collector series on Nanci Hersh's blog.

David Kim interviews Meri Bourgard - The Laymans Almanac

The most precious Art pushes deep into our mental fabric by exploring what it means to be human today. Mixed-media artist Meri Bourgard's exploration of half-forgotten memories is striking in that it allows us to experience our dreams again...

Here's the transcription of the conversation with Meri on a warm New York Summer afternoon.

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