Meri Bourgard
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“Ms. Bourgard's characters are... less tangible for she seldom uses outlines to define boundaries. ...they appear to dissolve ...they move ...their wistful presences recall the state of mind induced by life's transitions.”

—Helen A. Harrison, The New York Times

“Meri Bourgard's images are pleasingly misty, as if the artist were recollecting chance moments, lost relationships... The interiors also recall the intimism of Vuillard's early paintings... Her drawings are like memories that one has managed to bring into focus to a certain degree. She defines that degree with her elegantly obfuscating marks.”

—Jed Perl, Arts & Antiques

“Meri Bourgard's big charcoal and pastel on paper works are stunners. In Passengers III, you absolutely feel the power and glory of an eagle's wings. The deft use of subtle coloration—fawn and gray—let the motion sing out. You have have to step back and actively concentrate to see that composition is as potently used as color. Her mixed media on panel, Dream V, reminiscent of Degas in its motion, in the veil that swirls between viewer and subjects. Here the color is warm to the touch, akin to chiffon and feathers, the fascinating hints of profile and mood.”

—Susan Bridson, Long Island Week, Three Village Herald